Vaccinations For Your Pet

Getting your dog or cat properly vaccinated is one of the best things that you can do for their health! Vaccines are a safe, inexpensive, and effective way to protect your pet from a range of serious illnesses. We take great pride in treating you and your pet like family, making sure all of your questions are answered, and giving you a truly wonderful experience.

Pet Examinations

During every physical examination, we perform a “nose to tail” evaluation. We listen to the heart and lungs, evaluate vision and hearing, inspect the teeth, scan the coat and skin, palpate the abdomen and examine joints and muscles. We also discuss behavior at home, diet and lifestyle. This helps us develop a complete picture of your pet’s health.

We allow ample time during examinations for you to ask questions and enjoy educating owners in all aspects of pet care. We strive to develop close relationships with our clients and want to be a “partner” in your pet’s healthcare.

What To Expect

The first step is to give us a call to schedule your visit!

During your visit, we will ask you about your pet’s lifestyle and history. We can educate you about the core vaccinations for dogs and cats, which are always recommended (for example: rabies). And depending on your pet’s lifestyle, we may recommend non-core vaccinations as well.

The administration of vaccines is fast, easy, and inexpensive. We can answer any questions you like during your visit, and once administered, you will have taken a powerful step towards protecting your pet!