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Veterinary Surgical Care

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Creekside Animal Hospital of Cumming, GA offers the most advanced veterinary surgical techniques and technology. Our veterinarians are well-trained, experienced surgeons. We perform all soft-tissue surgeries, from routine spay and neuter procedures to more complicated surgeries, including tumor removals, cystotomies, splenectomies and more. We also perform many orthopedic procedures. Our sterile surgery suite is equipped much like a surgery suite in a human hospital. All veterinary patients are carefully screened and anesthetics are specifically tailored for your pet’s needs. Surgical services and facilities include:

Veterinary Orthopedic Surgery

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Our hospital employs doctors and technicians who have specialized training in surgery. We are pleased to offer advanced veterinary surgical procedures that are often only performed at advanced referral practices. Our veterinarians have many years experience in performing fracture and knee repair surgeries, including bone pinning, cruciate ligament and patella repairs. We pride ourselves in getting our patients back to full function as soon as possible. Creekside Animal Hospital is one of the few veterinary hospitals in Cumming, Georgia to offer these advanced surgical procedures.


We are proud to offer radiosurgery at Creekside Animal Hospital of Cumming, GA, which is similar to, but often more superior than, laser surgery. The advanced high-frequency radio energy reduces surgery time by safely cutting and coagulating tissue simultaneously, thereby minimizing blood loss and post-operative discomfort. The radiosurgery technique is especially beneficial in the removal of growths in the skin or mouth. Commonly, only a local anesthetic is necessary for radiosurgery.